sensori antifurto


2022 NEW IN

Triple technology detector
low absorption
with Active LED Anti-masking

master lab
master lab


dual technology detector

dual technology detector
curtain-type for outdoors
with double ANTIMASKING

Velvet Evolution
Velvet Evolution


2022 NEW IN

Window center detector
for gateway protection
for wireless and AM systems with active LED

centrum lab
centrum lab

Perfect anti-theft sensor

In a world where security is an indispensable value as well as a necessity for one’s wellbeing, anti-theft sensors represent the only real solution to the progressive increase of infractions by ill-intentioned persons in the spaces we want to protect.
In such a context, it is incumbent on us to strive to enable anyone to equip themselves with an effective and efficient burglar alarm system that can protect their environments and their loved ones.. Certain that our “anti-theft alarm” – which works both indoors and outdoors with curtain-type sensors represents one of the fundamental elements of such systems, if not the heart of them. We at EEA S.r.l. make the design and realization of this kind of sensors the indispensable purpose of our existence as a company. .
EEA offers a wide range of detectors, with the purpose of trying to meet the many installation requirements demanded by the market. The company produces Myni and Velvet outdoor detectors, suitable for protecting outdoor environments, and indoor detectors in the Syrio, Zefiro and Polaris line. Rounding out the many solutions offered by EEA is the Velvet Lab line, a set of low-power outdoor detectors that fit into any system via radio.

sensori antifurto

Outdoor/perimeter products

Indoor/perimeter products

Outdoor/low absorption perimetral products

Why choose an EEA detector

The detectors are all produced with increasingly up-to-date techniques for the identification and realization of unique detectors in respect of their field of application. Continuous research and development, therefore, both in the product area and in terms of production processes, have led the company to the conception, and consequently the realization, of several lines of detectors that cover any installation requirement, both according to the environment in which the sensors are to be applied and the level of technology and security required.


Made in Italy detectors

EEA succeeds in maintaining a primary role in the intruder alarm market thanks to its total control of the entire manufacturing process, which goes from the conception of the product, through its design and industrialization, to the construction of the electronic boards as well as the plastic parts of the detector.

The slogan “Made in Italy” represents a guarantee formula towards its partners who can thus be assured of the company’s constant presence at all stages of processing, design, and production.

Velvet Factory Evolution

Velvet Factory Lab Full

Velvet Factory Lab FM