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Company Profile

perfect anti-theft alarms

The company has long operated in the market of anti-theft systems, aiming to make products characterized by a high quality standard, which can offer solutions with high reliability in detection and installation flexibility, meeting the needs of installers and end customers.

Dedicated productions

EEA Srl was established as a company specializing in the integral design of intrusion sensors and related production. We are able to design and produce, on different scales, dedicated sensors for customers who require their supply.

Thanks to our staff’s many years of experience in each stage of detector production, we directly manage every single phase leading from the sensor conception to the realization of the finished product, passing through the electronic-mechanical-plastic design and the realization of every single fundamental component of the sensor.


EEA’s corporate growth is linked to constant monitoring of the market, so that the production department can implement increasingly up-to-date techniques for the realization of detectors.

Continuous research and development, both in the product area and in terms of production processes, has led the company to the conception, and consequently the realization, of several lines of detectors that cover any installation need, both according to the environment in which the sensors are to be applied and the level of technology and security required.

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